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Now I am the least educated person when it comes to funds, stocks, bonds, and all that mumbo jumbo. That is one of the main reasons why I picked this book up. Tony is a master in his work. I’ve been following Tony for about a year now, on all social media outlets and he is amazing. His passion is what makes him one of the top influential people in the world.

This write-up is not going to go into any detail because I want you to purchase the book yourself. Seriously, it’s a game changer, and if you take action, you will live a life of abundance.

Don’t forget that every book purchased; Tony donates to Feeding America. Just $1 helps deliver 11 meals to hungry people in the world. That is gratitude at it’s finest.

This book is a companion to the Money Master the Game book Tony published in 2009. Perhaps I should have read that first, but I think Unshakeable gives you a more broad spectrum of advice. Money Master the Game provides more in-depth analysis and guidance than Unshakeable. Either way, you’ll be a better person if you take action on either of these books.

One of the biggest things I gained from the book was the insights he exposed into what the majority of Americans can relate. Chances are you have a 401(k). Are you privy to the rates they are charging to “manage” your account? It turns out about 71% of people don’t think there are any fees associated with their 401(k). And 92% of people don’t even know what those fees are.

How insane is that? If you are in that 8%, well then congratulations, you are fricken awesome.

Something to look into as you are entitled to know what those fees are.

Outside of the 401(k) is the 403(b). This section perked my little ears while on the treadmill at the gym. I almost passed out, but I held it together. My wife is part of a 403(b) as a teacher.

Can I give her a shoutout?

She is the recipient of the Teacher of the Year in her district, 2017. How bad ass is that?

Anyways, from what I recall in the book, they are one of the worst plans from the perspective of fees. I’m not sure if participation is mandatory for teachers or if they can “expel” themselves from it. What I’m getting at is, check your plan fees ASAP, so you have a better understanding of where your money is going.

We are blindly trusting the financial industry. BAD IDEA.

Tony sums it up in two phrases, the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

Listen or read the book to go into more detail. Trust me. It will be worth it and could save you ten years of retirement.

Tony wraps up the book with what I believe is one of the greatest pieces of advice for living.


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