Finally! Share Instagram Posts From Screenshot

If you’re like me, I love sharing posts on Instagram that have positive, upbeat and impactful messages. But what a pain in the ass it has been in the past. If you weren’t using any fancy workflows or automation to create these shares, then you were spending about 5 minutes too long on this tedious task.

Yes, you can use apps like Repost, which still has its benefits over taking a screenshot, but the point is that this new Instagram feature is quite handy for my workflow.

Sharing Instagram Posts (with just a screenshot)

I just discovered this cool feature this morning. Mind you, I’m on an iPhone, so I’m not sure if this feature is also rolled out on Android.

Ok, let’s get into the details. Although pretty simple and straight forward, I want to walk you through the process I use for creating and sharing Instagram posts with this new screenshot feature.

Obviously, you are going to open up your Instagram app on your phone. I have a couple of Instagram accounts, one for personal and one for business. I mostly share on my business account, so let’s take a look at that.

Open up go to your Instagram feed. You will see the posts from all the people you follow.

Next, find a post that you want to share. I’m going to share Samuel Bruni (@samuelbruni) because I love his quote and his account. The post you choose should take up the majority of the screen, so the app knows what it needs to take a screenshot.

Instagram Post of Samuel Bruni

Hit the home + side power button simultaneously (just like any other screenshot), and you’ll notice a bar that comes down from the top that says “You can share this post with friends.” Cool, eh?

Instagram Post Share

NOTE: Be quick because it will fade away after a couple of seconds.

You’ll notice a screenshot of the image on the far left of the top bar. In the far right of the bar, you’ll see a “Share” link. Click it to have the iPhone bring up your options for you. Right now, here are the options:

  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Messenger
  • Tweet
  • Copy Share URL (this is my favorite)

Instagram Post Share Options

Since I’m a Buffer lover, I will typically use the Copy Share URL and post via the Buffer app.

Inside the Buffer app, it will automatically tag the respective owner of the photo to give them credit. Very similar to the Repost app I mentioned above. Before Buffer will allow you to post it, a “quick note” will pop up that says you need to give credit to the originator of the post. Just hit “Got It” and Buffer will do the rest for you.

Instagram Post Share Buffer     Instagram Post Share Buffer Note     Instagram Post Share Buffer Post

If you use Buffer you know you have the ability to Share now or Buffer, to add it to your que.


Although many people might not use this screenshot feature, I find it very useful in sharing others content. Instagram made this feature so much easier by integrating it into the app.

Can’t wait to see what else they come out with in the future.

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