The Quickest (and Automated) Way to Create Instagram Posts

Ever wonder how people post such amazing stuff on Instagram? It probably takes them forever, right? Although this may be true, as some individuals and companies have teams of people that dedicate themselves to Instagram, others of us just don’t have a ton of time always to be creating engaging content.

I’m going to walk you through the automated process I use to publish my posts on Instagram.

If you just want to see the video of the process in action, you can watch it here.

The process below takes about 20 minutes to setup. Once it’s setup, though, you’ll be running like a well-oiled machine. It typically takes me 4-5 minutes for each post. Mind you this may seem like a long time, but each one of my posts is creative and unique.

It’ll take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the automation.

You can use comparable tools to what I suggest below, but you’ll get the gist of how to build it. You can tweak as you learn and understand the process.

Workflow tools to create Instagram posts:
1. Evernote
2. Workflow app – chance below to get for FREE
3. Over
4. Dropbox

I am going to assume you already have an Instagram account.

So let’s get started.


I use Evernote in this process to collect the quotes I use and also to store my Instagram hashtags that I use. It’s best to have the app installed on your phone to run this automated sequence of events.

Keeping a couple of different lists inside one note is useful. That way if you have multiple categories, you can choose which hashtags that best suit your needs. Right now, I have about four different groups of hashtags. Testing these hashtags is critical to success on Instagram. No time for that here, though. We’ll save that for another post.

Workflow App – Where the Magic Happens

I’ll run through in detail how to create the automation workflow. The main point of this app is to eliminate jumping around apps, manual taps on your phone, and automating processes.

If you have more than one Instagram account, save yourself a headache and open up Instagram and select the account you want to post too.

Creating the Instagram Workflow

Step 1: Create Workflow

Start Creating Workflow

Step 2: Name your Workflow

Workflow Settings   Name Workflow

Step 3: Adding the actions to the workflow

To get to the below screen, swipe the screen from left to right. There you will see all the actions available. You can search for specific actions or scroll through the list to get your mind going. Let’s stay focused here and continue on our journey.

Actions for Workflow

Actions in Sequence

Get Notes – connects to your Evernote account and searches by title or notebook. I collected 365 quotes that I use on a daily basis and put them into one notebook.

Get Note Link – grabs the Evernote note passed from above. I have it to open in the app. Otherwise, it will open in a browser window and make some of the following steps a little more difficult.

Open In App for Evernote

Open URLs – opens the Evernote note.

Once the Evernote note is open, I select the copy that I want to use for that day and copy it.

Copy to Clipboard – copies the quote onto the clipboard, as it says 🙂

Wait to Return – since we are working outside of the Workflow app, we need to return to it so we can continue our workflow. Double tap the home screen button, swipe right and navigate back to the Workflow app.

URL – for this step, I’m using the Over app (screenshot below). It’s a creative photography app that allows me to create stunning visuals. Creating a template for consistency is the main reason I use this app. If you are using a different creative app, just include the app link to open it. To do this, use “appname://” to open it automatically.

Over App Screenshot

Once the app is open, I go through the process of putting together my creative. This step might be a little different for some, but for me, Over is the clear favorite and easy to use. I’ll go into details on the Over app in a later blog post but for now, let’s assume the post is ready to save. By clicking the yellow arrow in the top right of the screen, you’ll get the follow prompt to Save Image. You can ignore all the other actions.

Over Photo Save

Let’s return to the Workflow app to continue the workflow.

Get Latest Photo – since I saved the creative in the last step, and it’s my most recent, the app will grab it for me and proceed to the next step automatically.

Save to Dropbox – you can save your photo wherever but I like to save all my Instagram posts to Dropbox. Saving all your photos and keeping them on your phone or computer will eat up space over time. You can get a free Dropbox account for up to 2GB (that’s a lot of Instagram photos). I check the “Ask Where to Save” to save it in the same place every time.

Dropbox Save

Get Latest Photo – grabbing once again, the most recent photo and opening up Instagram.

Post on Instagram – remember the quote we copied from above? Since it’s still in the clipboard, I just have to paste the quote into Instagram.

Once you publish, head back to the workflow to grab your hashtags.

Get Notes – once again, we are going to grab some copy from Evernote. This time I’m going to open up my notebook titled “Instagram Hashtags.”

Get Note Link – grabs the link from the “Instagram Hashtag” note.

Open URLs – opens the note from the previous step. Copy the group of hashtags you are going to use. Once copied, return to the workflow.

Open App – opens Instagram again. This time, I’m going to navigate to the post I just created and go to the comments section on it. Paste the hashtags.

Depending on the context of the creative, I sometimes add additional hashtags that reflect the message.

Save your comment and go back to your workflow.

Get Latest Photos – grabs the most recent photo. It was the creative we just posted to Instagram.

Delete Photos – deletes the photo from your phone. There is no reason to keep it on your phone and take up storage. We saved it in Dropbox, so we have a copy for future use.

That’s it.

Automation is the future. I continue to learn and tweak my processes.

Any updates to this workflow will be posted right here.

Comment and share this article below right now for a chance to win the Workflow app for FREE (iPhone only). What do you think about this process? Is it something you will use?

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