Why the Highest SEO Keyword Isn’t Always the Best

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It takes a lot of thought to start a successful blog. You need a theme you love, a design that catches the eye, and a strategy around the value you are going to provide your readers. Once you take care of all the start up, then the real challenge begins: how to get noticed.

Understanding SEO is critical to showing up on computer screens around the world. A lot of sites think good SEO management means finding the most common SEO keyword, then cramming it into the article as often as possible. However, it’s much more nuanced than that. Here’s why the highest ranked SEO keyword isn’t always the best SEO keyword.

Keyword Saturation

It’s better to be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond. Many SEO keyword search tools show the most popular keyword as the highest ranked one. Focusing on that keyword will mean you’re using a phrase many people search, but it will also mean that you’re entering a saturated market where those people will likely never find you.
Especially in the early stages, it’s important to find a niche. Find your unique angle, then focus on keywords which showcase that. You’re far more likely to catch and keep an audience if you focus on keywords that may not be as common, but highlight your corner of the market.


SEO theory is based on how search engines operate, and search engines change their algorithm all the time. While the old school of SEO focused purely on keywords, SEO practice is still adjusting to Google Hummingbird, which was introduced in 2013.
While keywords are still important, as Hummingbird continues to develop it’s becoming clear that the content of a page is even more important. Hummingbird not only tries to match users to pages that contain their keyword, but it tries to match them to pages which it thinks will meet their interest. So try to find your niche in keywords, but it’s more important to build a site with content focused on your strategy.

Content IS King

Anyone who has managed WordPress for a small business can tell you that SEO keywords are not the magic touch for driving traffic. You should research and attempt to use SEO keywords at times, but you should never sacrifice the content of your work to catch those keywords.
The success of your site hinges on not only catching readers but retaining them. Sites that read like a robot regurgitating memorized keywords do not retain readers. They sense it’s not authentic and search elsewhere. The best thing you can do is find your niche and use keywords naturally.
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